Turf is a Versatile, Plush Ground Covering in Palatine, IL

At BuZ Enterprises Ltd., we are committed to helping property owners improve the look, feel, and value of their outdoor areas. To that end, we offer plush ground covering in Palatine, IL. Our collection of synthetic turf provides green and vibrant scenery that you may enjoy throughout the year. With its maintenance-free construction and versatility, you and your guests are sure to love turf for years to come. 

There are many benefits to investing in artificial grass lawns. Whether you wish to live easier or add more uses to your outdoor spaces, we have you covered. Homeowners and business owners alike have been turning to artificial grass for a variety of reasons. From picture-perfect landscaping to tough and durable activity spaces, artificial grass is designed and built for your daily life. Explore the many benefits and applications below.

Plush Ground Covering in Palatine, IL

Residential Uses

A verdant lawn is a mark of pride for any homeowner. With a plush ground covering like artificial turf, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces and put away the lawn mowers for good. Artificial grass never gets overgrown, sprouts weeds, or needs watering. As such, it forms a great space to host parties, cookouts, and get-togethers with friends, family, and neighbors.

Synthetic Surfaces for Tennis Courts in Palatine IL

Sports and Recreation Centers

Activity fields, like baseball diamonds and golf courses, see a lot of action. Synthetic grass can form the basis of putting greens, baseball diamond surfaces, intramural sports fields, and much more. It can withstand the wear and tear of heavy physical activity and has low maintenance requirements. This helps reduce upkeep costs while protecting the value of your land.

Playgrounds and Pet Parks

Many property owners appreciate artificial turf for its carpet-like textures and softness. It is a soft material that absorbs and cushions impacts. These properties make synthetic grass the perfect choice as an animal park surface and a covering for children’s playgrounds. We recommend using these materials to keep your play areas safe and beautiful throughout the year.

surround for your pool deck in Palatine, IL

Pool Surrounds

Swimming pools are a place for rest and recreation. Instead of opting for traditional masonry, why not try artificial grass as a surround for your pool deck? The distinct composition of synthetic turf allows it to absorb water and minimize its visual impact, which can potentially minimize the risks of slips and falls. It also promotes a more natural appearance for your pool’s surroundings, invoking a distinct ambiance.

Patios and Outdoor Areas

Artificial turf is also a smart material for patio coverings as well. Outdoor spaces like gazebos, cookout areas, and patios are high-traffic areas. Heavy foot traffic can degrade the appearance of natural grass over time--and can even cause it to disappear entirely. Artificial ground coverings protect the appearance of outdoor areas, ensuring they remain beautiful for years to come.

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